has to made from/ should be applied from

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There was a travel cost transfer form that I sent on January 5, 2013, and I just noticed that the account number that the cost transfer from is not correct. This transaction already transferred to account 548956 on 08/24/2012. Thus the new transfer has to made from/ should be applied from the new account 548956 not from old one. I am soory for the error. I have attached the supported doument for your reference.

Which of the red sentence is correct in the above context. I need to request a new transfer to be processed from the new account.

Thanks for your time and help.
  • Elwintee

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    I am sorry to say that the whole paragraph (and not just the red sentence) is unclear. Could you write a number of short sentences, stating clearly what has gone wrong? For instance: "I am sorry, I made a mistake. The account number given was wrong, and the transfer should be from the new account ....". This is just a suggestion, as I may have misunderstood and only you know what should be said.
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