has too many things on the plate

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  1. erc New Member

    Hello again
    What does 'HE has too many things on the plate' means ?
    I have a little idea about what it could mean but I'm not sure ?.
    Is there any dictionary on the web where to find these kind of expressions ?.
    thank you very much in advance .
  2. Fez Member

    English, Australia
    "He has too many things on his plate" means "he has too much to do right now" or "he's very busy".

    I don't know of any dictionary that might help you, sorry!
  3. Talant

    Talant Senior Member

    Hola Erc:

    "He has too many things on his plate" significa que ya tiene demasiadas cosas de la que ocuparse, que está muy liado.

    Un saludo
  4. erc New Member

    Thank you very much for your kind help !
  5. erc New Member

    muchas gracias !
    un saludo.

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