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    I am not sure I understand that way hash up is used in the following sentence - the usage with 'as' is unfamiliar and seems to add a meaning that differs from a usual one of 'to mess something up, spoil, make a mess':

    “Yet, this discredited story by people with dark ulterior motives are hashed up as new and newsworthy as part of a smear campaign against the ...

    ANC denies Fransman vote buying claims | IOL

    Please, help me to understand the usage of hash up as phrase.
    Thank you!
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    Hashed up in this context means resurrected and recycled. In other words, dug up and put back into circulation.
  3. johngiovanni

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    I do not understand the "are hashed up". The subject seems to be ""This discredited story", which is singular.
    Anyway, there is one meaning of "hash up" which means re-animate, warm up, give fresh existence to. That is the meaning here.
  4. Annakrutitskaya Senior Member

    Thank you very much for your answers. Why have you said that there is only one meaning of "hash up"? What about
    to mess something up, Spoil, make a mess?

    I have found few examples and now I am not sure, which meanings of hash up are appropriate in given examples:

    Somebody hashed my manuscript up! (thefreedictionary.com)
    Ratner also killed off Jean Grey in a hashed-up version of the Phoenix saga.. X-Men: The real Apocalypse is its continuity!
    I thought that hashed-up version means messed-up one, but given above replies I am not sure now.

    .. but we doubt we'll see that cropping up in the films, especially given how badly Fox has hashed up Rogue's character (sorry Anna Paquin).
    Feeling Not So Blue? Why Doesn't Mystique Look Like Mystique?
    Same here: I thought that hashed up means messed up or spoiled Rogue's character.

    I will be grateful for some examples on how to use hash up in the meaning suggested by Dermott and Johngiovanni.
    Thank you!
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    I am sorry that I confused you. I did not say there was only one meaning of "hash up". One of the meanings of "hash up" is "re-animate, warm up, give fresh existence to".
    You will find examples of this usage if you do a search on "hash up old".
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