Hasta la pinche puta reverenda chingada

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  1. politoed89 New Member

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    Well, basically, my friend was really mad about some stuff and one of the people he was mad at was me. I'm kinda just trying to see what he was saying here - he posted this on twitter. I can tell there are some swear words here but I don't really get exactly what it was and I'm really curious. If it helps at all, he's from Mexico. I can recognize "pinche" and tell it's basically him swearing angrily but I want to know exactly what it is.

    ...Not exactly the most academic use of the forum, but it's what I need.
  2. cisarro Senior Member

    Chilean spanish
    Well, basically the whole phrase is a very vulgar way to say "I'm fed up with it".
  3. micafe

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    Yes it's very vulgar and obscene, especially in Mexico. Most of the words come from that country. I know it's a terrible insult. I imagine cisarro is right.
  4. cisarro Senior Member

    Chilean spanish
    One more help:

    Pinche = Damn, bloody (UK), lousy, measly, etc.
    Puta = Bitch, fucking, etc.
    Reverenda = Could be understood as tremendous, terrible, etc.
    Chingada = Several meanings according to the context: bitch, hell, shitty luck, a bastard, dirty trick, etc.

    Your phrase could be translated as: I am fed up with this damn terrible, fucking shitty luck.

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