hat made of wool

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what do you call in BrE the type of hat that you wear in winter or to go skiing, it's usually made of wool?
I've come across so many words that I'mnot sure which one is actually used in the UK.
Thanks for your answer.
  • i_love_english

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    Thanks a lot to you all. So far, I had tended to use woollen hat so I'm happy to see I was right. I had never even heard of a beanie or a muts! So thanks for your contributions.

    suzi br

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    Are beanie hats used for skiing? They seen like a Beckham inspired fashion accessory to me.

    With the advent of technical fabrics I guess all sorts of woolly hats are considered very old-school out on the slopes.

    I usually call a woolly hat of the old-fashioned skiing type a 'bobble' hat, even if there is no actual bobble! You might need to search Google images for greater clarity.
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