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  1. Extreana New Member

    Hi everyone! :D
    This is going to make me sound really lame, but I need a translation of the measurements of a hat. The measurements were provided in an image, and I got really frustrated at Google Translate's virtual keyboard because I actually don't know how to type in Korean.

    So... here's the image! I only need the words to the left of the hat, unless you deem the words on the bottom important enough!
    Thank you so so so much! I envy people who can read and understand Korean >.<
  2. alohaoe Member

    Three red lines in the image.
    Let's call the upper right arc A, the center oval B, and the bottom vertical line C.

    (unit: mm)
    SIZE - FREE (one size)
    챙길이 => length of the brim, C
    모자높이 => height of the hat, seems to be A. If there were no reference(red arc), '모자높이' should mean the vertical height from bottom to top.
    모자둘레 => circumference of the hat, B
    재질 - 아크릴 => material - acryl
    원산지 - 베트남 => origin - Vietnam

    ▶사이즈 스펙 확인시 유의사항◀ => Note about figures
    사이즈 스펙은 제품을 직접 제어나온 실측사이즈입니다. => The figures are actual measurements of a hat.
    사이즈는 재는 위치에 따라 1~2cm정도 차이가 있을 수 있습니다. => There could be 1~2 cm margin of error in the measurements depending on the measuring points.

    My English writing is not very good. If you have anything unclear, make a reply.
  3. Extreana New Member

    Oh, thank you so much!! :)
    감사합니다 !
    And your English is actually pretty good, I can understand everything!

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