1. Youbee Member

    English - England
    Can anyone think how to translate the feeling of the phrase "haunted gaze" into French?

    I am thinking of Antoines haunted gaze as he turns from the ocean and freezes at the end of 400 coups.
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  2. Jasmine tea

    Jasmine tea Senior Member

    Corsica, France
    French - France
    "Un regard éperdu", maybe?
  3. Youbee Member

    English - England
    It seems to capture the feeling of the english meaning. Unless someone knows better I am going with that. Thanks :)
  4. LaCigognePerchée Senior Member

    hagard ou égaré
  5. piloulac

    piloulac Senior Member

    français France ♂
    le regard tourmenté...

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