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is the bit in bold really meant literally? - i.e. since the forensics have finished in the VH and now it's restored to order, the police could at least "tick one box" in the investigation and could be "napping" (in this respect) for a while?
Having second thoughts, though, could it, by any chance refer to a little breakthrough in the case? Perhaps something has been found in the VH? (Actually,the last sentence gave me a clue).
Many thanks.

G.M.Malliet: Wicked autumn
"Anyway, I'd like you to look over the Village Hall with me, now forensics have done with it and it's been restored to order. We've had a bit of a break in one direction. We just don't know what it means."
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    "Break" here doesn't refer to a period of rest, if that's what you're suggesting. If you're investigating a crime and you get "a break" in the case, it means you have found some important evidence or a useful lead.

    Alex Coseff

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    Thank you, Florentia:)
    I've just edited my thread... because of the final sentence, I sort of reevaluated my first idea...since it suddenly dawned on me that it might refer to some kind of a little breakthrought in the case...
    Many thanks!
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