have a bow to take (double meaning)

Hyljoss Angelo

Good evening,

I know this might be a foolish question but I have been trying hard to understand the answer for a riddle. That must be something quite easy but I just cannot figure it out. It is from a comic book that I am reading (Batman - The Long Halloween).

The Riddler poses a riddle : Why is batman like a row boat? And he himself gives the answer: They both have a bow to take.

I thought like this "a bow to take" means "a boat to take" but ...I don't know how to complete the reasoning . Curiously, the translation into my native language removed this riddle. Probably, because it wouldn't make sense in Portuguese.

Can anyone help me with that?

Hyljoss Angelo

PS: Sorry for bothering you with such a silly question. But I can't get it out my mind.
  • Sarakatawen

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    I don't believe the riddle is complete without the context of the comic. A bow is the front part of a boat but it also means a genuflection. Musicians take a bow at the end of the performance when they bend their heads to the audience. It can also be an idiomatic way to indicate dying. "He is bowing out of life" Was the Riddler perhaps in the process of trying to kill Batman?


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    To "take a bow" in the theater is to bow to the audience at the end of a performance in response to the people's applause. I suppose this is a reference to Batman's typical heroic deeds, often cheered by the people of the city.

    Bow is also the word for the front of a boat—any boat, not just a rowboat.

    It's not a great riddle.

    Hyljoss Angelo

    Thank you Parla and Sarakatawen. In fact, the scene depicts Batman trying to interrogate the Riddler after defeating some guys. I am satisfied with all the pieces of infomation you have provided. :)
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