have a bull session of talks

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Zephyr Azure

Chinese & Shanghai Dialect
Hi guys, I did a vocabulary replacement test yesterday and met with the following problem.

After the conference, the participants were scattered into smaller groups to have a free session of talks.

A. bee B. donkey C. cow D.bull

The key is D.

I have checked it in my Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary and other web dictionaries, but haven't found the related definition.

So anyone can help?

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    Just check our dictionary (the Search box at the top of the page): bull session: n. [countable]
    an informal group discussion in which people speak freely without a specific goal or focus.

    The problem with your original sentence is that there is no such thing as "a bull session of talks" -- a bull session is a discussion or talks, so the phrase in your test sentence is redundant.


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    None of the options makes sense. In BE I've never even heard of a 'bull session' as described by Copyright.
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