have a bun in the oven (funny expression for being pregnant)


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Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen, do you know about any interesting expressions for being pregnant in other languages?
Thank you in advance & have a productive day.

Hungarian = bekapta a legyet [Past Tense, she took/swallowed the fly [I mean the insect]]
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    Oh, it is really interesting you have a similar phrase to English in Greek . Who knows maybe more languages use similar phrases.


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    Welsh - Northern

    To be expecting
    To be in the club
    To be in the family way
    To be up the duff
    To be up the spout
    To be knocked up
    To be up the flue

    To be up the creek (Aus. Eng.)

    (In increasing order of vulgarity ...)

    Welsh to follow ... ;)
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    Welsh - Northern

    Mae hi'n ...

    She's ...

    ... disgwyl - expecting
    ... llawn - full
    ... cario - carrying
    ... drom - heavy
    ... fraisg - gross
    ... symgar - fleshy
    ... magu mân esgyrn - rearing tiny bones

    Mae hi dan ei gofal - She's under her care



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    Welsh - Northern

    I don't see why not. They all seem to indicate a kind of 'bulky weight' in the lower (human) body. I add the 'human' in brackets, as they could just as equally apply to animal pregnancies (and animal 'largeness').

    However, can you spot the ONLY one in that list which applies ONLY to females (human or animal) - and what the male equivalent should be? :)

    Incidentally, there's the interesting calque with French of 'pleine' ( i.e. 'llawn' - both words are derived from Latin 'plenus') which applies only to animals. Note therefore if you have had sufficient at a French dinner table do NOT (as my uncle did on one occasion) state that, 'je suis pleine'. Cue much mirth amongst the French (agricultural) hosts!
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    Italian - Northern Italy
    A couple euphemistic expressions in Italian (there are probably more):

    essere in dolce attesa (to be in a sweet expectation/wait)
    essere in stato interessante (to be in an interesting state/status)