have a lock on it?


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[A company can become incredibly successful if it can find a way to own a word in the mind of the prospect. If you're not a leader, then your word has to have a narrow focus. Even more important, however, your word has to be 'available' in your category. No one else can have a lock on it.]

1. What does this 'available' mean here?
2. No one else can have lock on it?? What does this mean?
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    An "available" word is one that one of your competitors isn't already using. It's "free" and you can try to use if for your own marketing efforts.

    I someone has a "lock" on something, they control it or own it. Think of putting a lock on a door.


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    Hi Ddubug,

    It's a bit of a complicated sentence I think, so if I've got this wrong, please feel free to correct me.

    I think what we're talking about here is advertising "tag lines" or "slogans". For example.. McDonalds.. I'm lovin it"!

    I'm trying to think now of a product with a one word slogan...

    Mazda cars - Zoom Zoom. (well it's two words) :D

    The word has to be available in your category.

    Your category is cars.. so Zoom isn't available because Mazda have used it. They have the lock on it , it's their word and they've locked it to their product.

    So you have a car, a Diddlybug (made that up) ;) and your word that no one else is using is... buzzing... (because it's an electric car and that's the noise it makes).:)

    That word is available in the car advertising world, because no other manufacturer is using it, and so you have the lock on it. (no one else has a lock on it, because no one else is using it.)

    Does this make sense?


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    English (U.S.)
    lock: -noun
    7. complete and unchallenged control; an unbreakable hold: The congresswoman has a lock on the senatorial nomination.

    In context, "available" would mean a word over which no other company has dominance.
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