Have a nice day!

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    Arabic (Egypt).
    You can also say:
    طاب يومك
    Taaba yawmuka (to a male, yawmuki to female)
    طاب نهارك
    Taaba nahaaruka/nahaaruki
    أتمنى لك يومًا سعيدًا
    atamanna laka/laki yawman sa3iidan
    يومًا سعيدًا
    yawman sa3iidan

    All these are MSA; i.e. not dialectal.


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    I just wanted to ask you all something!

    How would you say this in the Sudanese/Egyptian and Saudi dialects ?



    Arabic (Egypt).
    We don't really have a set phrase equivalent to "have a nice day", but in the last few years you'd hear يومك جميل with the meaning of أتمنى إن يومك يبقى جميل = I hope your day will be good (=have a nice day). And of course the pronoun ك is changed according to the number and gender of the person(s) addressed: yomak, yomek, yomko(m).
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