Have a nice time, have lots of fun, goodbye, see you soon


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thank you very much for the quick answers!!
Could you also translate me the following phrases in arabic:

"Have a nice time"
"Have lot´s of fun"
"Good bye"
"See you soon"

Thanks a lot!!
Love, Atri
  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).
    You're welcome Atri.
    Please read the Forum rules (specially those about asking new questions in new threads :) )
    I'll answer you here, but the moderator will most probably split this thread :

    "Have a nice time"
    أرجو لك وقـتًا طيبًا arju laka waqtan tayyiban
    or أرجو لك قضاء وقت طيب arju laka qada2a waktin tayyibin

    "Good bye"
    إلى اللقاء ila'l-liqaa2i

    "See you soon"
    ألقاك قريبًا alqaaka qariiban

    These are just suggestions, others can give better translations.


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    thanks a lot for your translation!!
    Oops, I just read the Forum rules. Didn´t know that! I was already looking for a Dictionary (German-Arabic or English-Arabic or Spanish-Arabic) but couldn´t find one in the internet which works. (For example "sakhr"?)
    Anyway you were helping me a lot. I´ve just needed some phrases :)


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    Welcome, Atri. :)

    As predicted, the thread has been split.

    Here are my suggested translations:

    Have a nice time: أتمنى لك وقتاً ممتعاً (atamanna laka waqtan mumti3an)
    Have lots of fun: أتمنى أن تستمتع كثيراً (atamanna an tastamti3a kathiiran)
    Goodbye: إلى اللقاء (ila 'l-liqaa2i) or مع السلامة (ma3a 's-salaamati) or وداعاً (wadaa3an)
    See you soon: أراك عن قريب (araaka 3an qariibin)

    Note that I have given you the masculine versions of "you." Please let me know if you'd like the feminine and/or the plural versions.


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    Hi Elroy,
    also thank you for your translation! The singular male form is perfect (-;
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