Have a nice weekend!


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Ciao tutti!

How would you say or write "Have a nice/good weekend!"?
Is the word "weekend" most common in everyday usage, or do you also use "fine settimana"?
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    Ciao Piegus!

    We do use both of them. I'd say it's a 50-50%, but let's see what the others think about it.

    :) Walnut


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    I use both "Buon weekend" and "Buon fine settimana" too.
    I'm not able to give you a rate in percentage terms! I've never thought about that.

    Perhaps you are right Walnut.


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    It depends on the situation...
    in a formal written conversation it would be better "Le auguro un buon fine settimana"
    In an informal converstation "Buon w-e" would be perfect.


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    Hi all!
    I would like to add one more question.

    The use of "have a nice weekend" should be only in an informal situation or it's ok also for a formal (semi-formal) email?

    Thank you in advance!:)


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    Ciao PANuccia,

    Una risponsa tardi, ma meglio tardi che mai, giusto? Comunque, direi che si può usare la frase "have a nice weekend" anche nelle situazioni formali.

    Euphorbia 67

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    Hi PANuccia,

    Technically it 's not wrong but I would avoid it here, let alone for a formal/semi formal email. Perhaps it's a matter of taste but it comes across as being a little banal, wishy-washy, blah. There are so many other adjectives to use instead.

    Have an enjoyable, relaxing, good, great weekend etc
    If someone told me to have a nice w/e I'd probably respond with a "I'm going to be aiming higher than that!":D