have a ninety-second start


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She started her motorcycle.
He had maybe a ninety-second start when she came into
the roundabout at the entrance to the E4.

Wha does the underlined cluase mean?
Does it mean he started ninety seconds fater than her?
  • owlman5

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    That means that he started ninety seconds before she came into the roundabout. So you're right.

    Be careful with your spelling, Jnzovy. "Clause" and "faster".


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    I think it means that he entered the roundabout 90 seconds before she did. We have no information about when he started. It sounds like (though without more context I can't be sure) that he had been driving (or riding, if he was on a motorcycle as well) for some time, he passed her, she started when she saw him go by, and she entered the roundabout 90 seconds after he did.
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