have a nodding acquaintance with someone


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Hello! Can we use interchangeably 2 below phrases. If yes, do they mean exactly the same?

1. I only know Tim by sight. In fact, I have never met him.
2. I only have a nodding acquaintance with Tom. In fact, I have never met him.

Here I mean two phrases “ have a nodding acquaintance with someone” and “ “know someone by sight”.
Please correct my sentences above if there is any mistake there Thank you!
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    Hullo Tom. They're not really interchangeable, no. A nodding acquaintance might only be very slight, but it is nonetheless an acquaintance. Knowing someone only by sight isn't an acquaintance at all:)


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    I know Vladimir Putin by sight, because I've seen photographs of him, but I've never met him. As ewie posted, I don't even have a nodding acquaintance with him.

    (This phrase means that you know someone well enough to nod your head to them in recognition when you see them, but you're not close friends.)


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    Thank you guys. In my language translation to these phrases is exactly the same, but thanks to you I can understand now the difference in English. Thank you


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    Welcome to the forum, Tomtompl.

    I agree with the foregoing. I'd say I have a nodding acquaintance with a number of people who live on my block. If we pass on the street, we usually greet each other, and we may make a remark about the weather. We're aware that we're neighbors, but that's all.
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