have about five-pound range

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This is an extract from the novel Todie for by Linda Howard.

“But I also had to be strong,” I pointed out. “I had to have muscle. You can’t have muscle and be a toothpick. I had about a five-pound range where I had muscle but wasn’t too heavy, so I was constantly balancing my weight.”

I would like to know the meaning of "had about five-pound range" in this case. Would you like to help me? Thank you in advance.
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    The person is saying that if he kept his weight within a range of 5 pounds (say, for example, 150-155 pounds) it was optimal for performing at whatever it was he was doing (it sounds to me like he was perhaps an athlete of some sort?)


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    Actually, she is saying this - Blair Mallory, the owner of a fitness center.

    If she weighs less than a certain amount, she doesn't have enough muscle to do her job properly. If she weighs more, she has too much fat to do it properly. The range of weight in which she can do her job well is about five pounds, or 2.3 kg.

    Also, there's a space in the title of the book: it's To Die For.
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