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Hi, there:
Is it correct to say "I have an English class on Monday."? Or should I drop "an" just say "I have English class on Monday."?

Thanks for your help. :)
  • Miriamtsai

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    If it's a regular event, I'd use the second (without "an").


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    Thanks for your response.
    If it's a regular event, can I say "I have English classes on Mondays."? And what's the difference between "on Mondays" and "on Monday"?


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    I would never say I have English class in BE.
    Only I have English or I have an English class/I have English classes, depending on what is meant.
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    I was about to say the same thing as e2efour until I saw his comment! :D

    'I've got English on Mondays, maths on Tuesdays, etc'
    'I've got an English class on Monday, a maths class on Tuesday, etc'
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