Have attained A* in A level Maths

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Hello members!

Suppose you have a university degree and you're looking for a new job, and you are looking at a company which only hires people with university degrees, would it be logical for the company to say,
"A bachelor degree is a must. Applicants who have attained an A* in A level Maths are preferred."??

What confuses me is that, if you have gone to university, wouldn't it be better to say "attained" (past tense)?
I think it's even not so natural for fresh university graduates to say that. (I have attained an A* in A level Maths. [In a job interview.]), since you did your A levels at least a few years ago.

Or is it okay??

Thank you!
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    Yes, 'have attained' is fine. An A star for A level Maths is still an achievement.


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    I can't really see the value of using "attained" at all in that context. "Applicants with an A* in A level Maths are preferred" and "I have an A* in A level Maths" both seem to me to convey the idea more succinctly while avoiding the potentially tricky question of which tense to use.
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