have been suffered from


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Hi everyone,
In the article Passengers on German train overpower knife attacker
it says "German news agency dpa quoted Aachen prosecutors saying they had no hard evidence so far that the attack was motivated by Islamism, but that there were signs the man may have been suffered from diminished responsibility because of psychological problems".
Why does it say "have been suffered from", not "have suffered from" or "have been suffering from"
As far as I can see, in all the related threads, "be suffered from" was referred as wrong...

Thank you in advance.
  • tracer2

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    A couple of notes:
    1 - "...have been suffered from...is completely incorrect English in any context.
    2 - in this context, the correct verb tense is: "....may have been suffering from...."

    Why the error? I assume the original was in German. It's probably a mistranslation into English from the German. Happens all the time.