have been watching vs have watched

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What is the difference between the following?

I have been watching that programme since it started.
I have watched that programme since it started.
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    With the first one you lay stress on the duration and with the second one you emphasize the result. There is no difference in meaning, so feel free to use either. I would probably use the first one myself, but this is just me. :)


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    The first suggests that it is a continuous action and therefore that you intend to watch the subsequent emissions. The second does not suggest that you will continue to watch it.


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    In American English, a 'program' can be either a single performance on televisions, or a series of performances. The meaning of the sentences could be different, depending on which you have in mind. (I assume that you are talking about a television programme. Correct me if I am mistaken.)

    I am not certain that the ambiguity exists in British English -- which uses the spelling programme -- but please tell us which you have in mind.
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