Have breakfast - take breakfast


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Unfortunately some teachers in Peru especially at schools and at universities tell students that take breakfast is correct:

I take breakfast early. (Correct: I have breakfast early.)

I think this may be because it's possible to say:

Take this medicament every 4 hours.

Why is take correct here? Take means swallow?
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  • Fedman3

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    "Take" has many uses. In medicine, it implies "administering a drug or medicine."

    But "take breakfast" is INCORRECT. Your teachers are wrong. Breakfast is not a prescription drug that you take.

    You can have breakfast, or you can eat breakfast.

    You can even take your breakfast to your room and eat it there.

    Chris K

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    I believe "take breakfast" may be used in the UK. It would be uncommon in the US.

    Take does not mean "swallow." It means tomar, both in the sense of tomar una bebida and in the more general sense of recibir algo de otra persona.


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    I have heard "take" to mean have a meal but only in certain circumstances. For example, if you are working and take a break for your lunch or breakfast you could say, "I take lunch at noon" meaning that you take your lunch break at noon. Also, you could say, "I take my breakfast with coffee." or "I take my breakfast at the same hour every day." (That sounds very formal and kind of like the way a rich person would speak to the butler.) Like the others have said, it is not a common way to say it, but I would not say that it is grammatically incorrect.


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    I have heard take breakfast, take lunch, but i believe that it is quite outdated, and only used in quite posh circles (i.e. not by people I know!) :)