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Howard is making his way through the crowd in front of a store that's just about to open, but is being pushed back by the irritated people. One man in the queue lets him before himself:
— Hey. Give the man a break. He's a dad trying to get a toy. Go ahead. Have cuts, man. Last-minute shopping, huh?
Jingle All the Way, film

What would 'have cuts' mean?
Thank you.
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    In Britain we don't talk about cutting in line, we talk about jumping a queue. We need an AE speaker to resolve this.
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    The man offers to let Howard "have cuts". So to this man "cuts" means "the privelege of cutting in line" (a violation of the normal rules of politeness, which require you to go to the end of the line). The man offers the other people in line a reason why they should all give Howard "cuts":

    Hey. Give the man a break. He's a dad trying to get a toy.
    Note that, by allowing Howard to "cut in line" before him, the man is also allowing Howard to get in front of everyone behind the man in the line. So any or all of them may be upset by this line-cutting.

    I haven't heard this exact term ("have cuts") but the concept of "line-cutting" is common in AE.
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