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  1. maraba

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    Hello; I found the following text:

    If the student uses communicative strategies, he/she will have less limitations when understanding and being understood in English.

    Although, the MS Word grammar checker advises me to use or "less limitation" or "fewer limitations".

    Does it mean less limitations is not grammatical?

    Thank you very much for your interest and have a nice day.
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  2. Franzi Senior Member

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    Native speakers often replace 'less' with 'fewer' and vice versa. "Less limitations" is not grammatical, and I think it sounds bad, but you'll certainly see people using it.
  3. maraba

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    Thanks so much, Franzi. :)
  4. Joelline

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    If you do a search for "less" and "fewer" in WR, you'll find this topic has been discussed many times. The general rule is that you use "fewer" with countable nouns: fewer books, fewer errors, etc. and you use "less" with non-countable nouns: less milk, less time, etc. Following this rule of thumb, "less limitations" would be INCORRECT :cross:, and "fewer limiitations" would be CORRECT :tick:.

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