Have Freud, will travel?

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A psycologist says the she consults the police occassionally and the other person answers: "Have Freud, will travel?"

I do not get the meaning, can you help me please?
  • JamesM

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    "Have Gun -- Will Travel" was an old TV series that centered around a hired gun in the American Old West. This was basically his advertising slogan, meaning "I have a gun and I'm willing to travel".

    The phrase was extended to "Have ___ -- Will Travel" as a humorous remark, filling in the blank with a tool of the person's particular trade.


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    "Have (something) will travel" is a rather old fashioned way of promoting oneself in a résumé (CV) meaning that the person has tools or something and is wiling to work in a job that involves traveling.

    Back in the antediluvian days of television, which is to say 1957-1963, there was a television series called Have Gun Will Travel in which Richard Boone is a "gunfighter-for-hire" (always for the good guys, of course). Coincidentally, the series was filmed here in Oregon.

    Thus the expression is a modified form of "gunslinger for hire" and in this case apparently refers to a "slinger" of a psychological nature.
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