have met / was looking - pasado simple / perfecto

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    tengo dudas (lo escrito en mayusculas) con las siguientes oraciones: 1) "I HAVE MET a lot of people in the last few days". Porqué utiliza el presente perfecto y no el pasado simple? 2) "Ann didn´t see me wave to her. She WAS LOOKING in the other directionporqué uso el pasado continuo y no el pasado simple? 3) "when jan HAD FINISHED her dinner, she sat down to watch TV"porqué va 1° pasado perfecto y leugo pasado simple? puede ir también pasado simple+ pasado simple? 4) "George looked very nice at the party. He WAS WEARING a very smart suit porqué va pasado continuo? puede ir tambien pasado simple? muy agradecida si me pueden dar una ayuda!
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    Bienvenido al foro!

  3. Marcia Kepler New Member

    muchas gracias, he resuelto esas dudas gramaticales !!
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    What the others said is right, but also I think we use the pasado continuo in this case because her looking was happening during the waving.

    You could also say "George looked very nice at the party. He wore a very smart suit."

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