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    Hello. Can someone translate this phrase "(somebody) has/have nothing to lose by doing _____" in Chinese please? Context: I was talking to someone, and I mentioned that I already had a job. However, I got a new job interview, and I was wondering whether I should go. He said that I should, noting that "you have nothing to lose by going to that interview".

    I looked up "have nothing to lose" in google and it said: "be in a situation that is so bad that even if an action or undertaking is unsuccessful, it cannot make it any worse", which does not fit into what we were talking about. Can someone help me please, thanks.
  2. brofeelgood

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    English, 中文
    无妨, 没有损失, 不会吃亏
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    My colloquial versions:
  4. fyl Senior Member

    Mandarin Chinese
  5. panzerfaust0 Senior Member

    Hello. I want to thank all for replying. I like all contributions, however my personal favourite is brofeelgood's sugggestion: 你若去那面谈也无妨。

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