have read/had read/were reading/would read

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I didn't know the marking could take so long until I (A. have read/B. had read/C. were reading/D. would read) the first couple of the essays.
I am very confused when I have to choose one answer from them but the key is B. In my opinion, the answer should be "read".
Could you tell me whether I am right or not?
Thank you very much.
  • roxcyn

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    American English [AmE]
    From the options listed it is "had read." You are correct, "read" (past tense) would work, but wasn't one of the options.

    Susan Y

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    British English
    I agree that B is correct.

    If "read" had been included as an option, that would have been ok too.

    (cross-posted with rocxyn)
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