Have six <pull in> on F-4.

emre aydın

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Students are taking an examination, as officers watches them behind a window. Then one officer suspects one of the students is copying and he says:

Have six pull in tight on F-4. All right, now give me some angles, both tests. (And camera zooms in on his test)

(The recruit, the movie)

I couldn't understand the bold part at all.

Is "pull" here a verb? If it is a verb, is it a phrasal verb (pull in)? And what does it mean? Also couldn't understand what the "six" is referring to.

Thanks for your help.
  • Edinburgher

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    I presume "six" means "camera number 6".
    "Pull in" seems unusual here. It seems to mean "zoom in", which is what I would have used in the circumstances.


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    I agree. That is the logical meaning in AE: "zoom in camera 6 on the student in position F-4 (row F, seat 4)".

    I assume "pull the camera in" is an old-fashioned term. Nowadays the camera is digital: it stays in one spot and "zooms in" (the picture expands). To do the same thing with a movie camera or TV camera 50 years ago, you had to "pull the camera in" (move the camera closer to what it is filming) because there was no "zoom".
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