have so far been unable to [reach] it

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The quotation comes from Yellowstone National Park: Man dies after falling into hot spring - BBC News

Quotation: Officials at Yellowstone National Park say a man died after falling into a hot spring, having wandered away from a path.

Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23, fell into the spring in the Norris Geyser Basin area of the park in north-west Wyoming.

Authorities are now trying to retrieve Mr Scott's body from the spring but have so far been unable to reach it.

Springs in that part of the park, where boiling water runs under thin rock, can see temperatures of up to 93C (199F).
Hi everyone! I have a question about "reach" here. Does it mean "...have so far been unable to find it"?
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    No, it means they know where the body is but they can't get to it because it's too hot.
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