Have you got a name? / Do you have a name?


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What is a difference between these two:

1. Have you got a name ?

2. Do you have a name ?

Do (1) more rude than (2) ?
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    Number 1 is definitely more informal than number 2. It is pretty rude.

    But why not say, "What is your name"?


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    They both seem slightly rude (because everyone obviously has a name)but it really depends on the tone of voice that is used for the question. The nice way to say it is...Can you tell me your name please? or even "I'm John, What's your name" (said with a smile).


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    AS azulmaria says have you got is BE. In most circumstances one would not say it of a name but it is possible."I'm looking for records for my great grandfather". "One moment please, have you got a name I can look up.".


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    I do not see how one could be ruder than the other. They both mean exactly the same thing. However, an American would never say the first one simply because it's more BE.