Have you got a screw loose?


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I picked the phrase up when watching the classic 1970s comedy series, Faulty Towers, with John Cleese. As far as I know, it means to go crazy, doesn't it?

Is the phrase still in use? Is is popular? Is is offensive or rather humorous?

Thank you!
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    Hi Audio

    Yes, that's right - or rather, it means to be crazy. A bit loopy, unhinged, etc. It's not used very often these days, and it's humorous rather than offensive.

    Long live Fawlty Towers!



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    I don't believe I've heard any of my teenaged children use it, but yes, it is still in use. As for meaning "to go crazy", it actually means "are you slightly insane"?

    The expression "to go crazy" can refer to just behaving wildly and may have no bearing on one's sanity (although it may be implied). As it does in the question asked in Fawlty Towers.


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    Sorry for the go crazy phrase. I mean loopy!

    By the way, one of the hotel guests uses this word when describing the hotel owner...:D


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    Still in use, but rather dated and perhaps more likely to be used by people who would have enjoyed the original series (Fawlty Towers, by the way).
    It is more humorous than directly offensive - though it's not a compliment :)

    He's got a screw loose - he is already somewhat crazy, not going crazy.