Have you got .....? No, I haven´t / No I don´t.

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    Hi again,

    I have 2 questions:

    1) Have you got a digital camera? No, ..........................

    a) doesn´t b) hasn´t c) don´t d) haven´t

    To me the most obvious reply is d), but could we also suggest c)? Could that be accepted?

    2) Have you ever seen Tom Cruise´s last movie? Yes , I ......................

    a) did b) do c) has d) have d) will

    Correct answer is d), but could we also accept a)??
  2. Loob

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    All of them are wrong, dudaysabras. All of them are missing the personal pronoun "I".

    The only correct answer is (d).
    We often come across exercises here where the answers are all incorrect:(.
  3. KHS

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    From an AmE perspective:

    "have got" is a little unusual because it is really being used to mean "have"
    Do you have a digital camera? = Have you got a digital camera?
    This is a different meaning from
    Have you gotten a digital camera (yet)?

    In the question have you got a digital camera, "have got" does NOT have the meaning of present perfect, even though its superficial appearance is that of present perfect. As a result, it it will most often be answered using the auxiliary "don't."

    Have you seen the movie?
    is a true instance of present perfect, and so will be answered using the auxiliary have.

    Thanks all!

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