Have you heard about 'computer wax'?

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[In the heavily touted "office of the furture," everything was going to be integrated into one ball of computer wax. The last time we looked, there were separated laser printers, weparate fax, separate copy machine.]

one ball of computer wax...means 'a handful of computer wax'?
What is computer wax? We can grab it? Or its shape is a ball?
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    Here it means, to me, a group of things of a similar nature, that is the fax, printer, copy machine, etc.

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    This is an adaptation of an existing phrase "the whole ball of wax" (and variations) which means something like the entire package with everything that goes with it; "the whole of something, including everything that is connected with it" (TheFreeDictionary.com). Computer has been inserted as an adjective to make it specific to the topic.

    There is much speculation as to its origin, and much of it is unconvincing. It's chiefly a US expression. I've only ever heard it used by Americans.
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