having two suns means completed one Period.

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    I watched this in other sites and i made the phrase " Having two suns means completed one Period" . I have Tagalog and Dumaget Translations. 1.)Tagalog: Ang Pagkakaroon ng dalawang Tanglaw na Araw ay isang lubos na kaganapan ng isang Panahon. 2.) Dumaget:Be aduwe on Adow, E kagaenapan ni Isin a Buwo a Pana-on ey gedatuongdi. Can you share the translation of this phrase in your language?
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    I have to admit that I don't understand the sentence. Could you please explain what you mean, using other words?
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    sorry if i English words this way. I based it from the unusual videos showing the two suns in one state of U.S. This means ' If two suns appear or become visible in our naked eyes', then we are living in an era when one period(3,600 yrs=0ne period) is already completed.
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    magyar (Hungarian)
    Using the Google transator I got this in Hungarian: Miután két nap azt jelenti, befejeződött egy időszakra. Excellent translation.
    I wonder what members from Hellas will do now.

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