Hay Hijito Lamentablemente Mi Esposo Esta Trabajando

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The person who used this phrase is
from peru. Also she does not have children, so I am trying to figure out what it means

Thank you
  • Hella

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    Spanish - Spain
    Sorry guy, unfortunately, my husband is at work.

    In this context Hijito is just a familiar/colloquial way of addressing someone.


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    Spanish - Spain
    DE todas formas ¿no sería Ay, hijito...?
    It should be Ay instead of Hay, isnt it?
    You're right. The whole sentence is not very well written (lacking commas, too many capital letters, that extra H at the beginning...).


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    Puerto Rico, USA spanglish
    Sorry son, (en inglés también se usa coloquialmente aunque no sea hijo propio), but unfortunately my husband is at work right now.
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