hay que endurecerse sin perder jamas la ternura

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  1. buenafe Member

    french canadian

    hay que endurecerse sin perder jamas la ternura...

    anybody could tell me what it means???
    i tried to translate it but it just doesnt make sense..

    thanks a lot.
  2. Mate

    Mate Senior Member

    Castellano - Argentina
    Hi buenafe,

    You've got to get tough without ever loosing your tenderness.

    That's the way I understand it.

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    Saludos - Mate
  3. NICOLE_CHILE Member

    Chile, español.
    It means you must be strong in life, but without losing your tenderness. i.e. Be tender in the botton of your heart, but be a strong person to resist problems.
    Do I help ?
  4. buenafe Member

    french canadian
    Yes I think I got it now. Thank you very much everybody.

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