Hay que ser marrano, pero no trompudo


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I'm translating a script where one of the characters, a northern Mexican, says: hay que ser marrano, pero no trompudo.

I've been told it means that one is allowed to be dirty (or any other negative adjective) but never TOO of it. That is, never go to the extremes.

Is there any proverb in English that alludes the same meaning?

Thank you all for your help.

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    México- Spanish
    Thank you, Myrna.

    Now, the tone of the sentences is much more colloquial.

    The character replies with this Spanish proverb, because a second character is complaining about his daughter's honor allegedly being stolen by the first one.

    Is there a sentence/proverb/saying as colloquial as the one in Spanish?

    Thank you =)
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    De nada.

    If I were you I would wait for other suggestions though. I think there are probably a lot more good ones out there that people might know... It is a pretty common idea.