haz tenido, haz dicho

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  1. swymboi New Member

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    I saw a poster that read something along the lines of:

    "¿Con cuántas haz dicho que haz tenido sexo?"

    I take Spanish and had a spanish speaker with me, and although we understood what it said, we did not understand the grammar... how do the haz and the dicho go together.

    i thought haz was a command for "make" (tú)
    and that dicho was the past participle (participio pasado)

    ¿Puedes ayudarme?
  2. Peterdg

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    It's just wrong. Simple as that.
  3. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    It should be "has dicho/tenido"." HAS from conjugation of the verb haber: he, has, ha, hemos, habéis, han.

    Since Latin Americans do not distinguish between sounds of Z and S, it is a common mistake to write them incorrectly.

    My first Spanish teacher was from Argentina. One day, she wrote "asulejos" on the blackboard and I copied it in my notebook. A friend from Spain happened to see the word and said it should be "azulejos". At the time, I thought the guy from Spain must be a very good at spelling; it wasn't until much later that I discovered that for him it is impossible to misspell the word.
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  4. micafe

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    It's just bad spelling. It should be "¿Con cuántas has dicho que has tenido sexo?"

    The verb is "haber". "haber dicho", "haber tenido"

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