Hazme una llamada perdida

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    How can we say this in English?: "Hazme una llamada perdida". The context is: A friend of mine is going to pick me up at my place, so I tell him to ring me when he arrives, so that I know he is in front of my house waiting. I see the call, but I needn't answer it. I just go out and meet him.
  2. SVLowe Member

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    You would either say 'give me a missed call', or 'prank me' (more common, but slang)
    Hope this helps!
  3. Katey Senior Member

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    I've never heard either phrase in that context. Maybe someone else in the U.S. has. I'd be curious to know. I don't know of a phrase that works.

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  5. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    I agree with SVLowe. I often hear that phrase "Give me a missed call." Another way of saying is "Call me. I won't pick up." This is to signify that the one requesting would like a miss call either to check the ring tone or for other reasons.
  6. mhp Senior Member

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  7. sarita_em Member

    Yo ya se lo pregunté a mis amigos aquí (England) y es PRANK. Prank me, I´ll prank you... :) Es slang... pero si estás hablando con un amigo, obviamente usas slang!!! E incluso en el ámbito familiar y todo... así que... yo creo que está mejor decir prank me que give me a missed call... porque lo segundo suena super... largo!!!

    Prank me es como decir: Dame un toque!

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