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In the context of workers in the food industry:

A person hired into a non-permanent position to work for a set period of time during specific times of the year to accommodate seasonal increase in business. (example: vegetable harvest, HD Shop mooncake season). An expected end date is required to be completed upon hire.

What does it mean exactly : HD Shop?

Thanks in advance.
  • pointvirgule

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    General Mills, mooncake season... In that context, HD very obviously stands for Häagen-Dazs, as JulianStuart stated.

    Mooncakes are a staple of the Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Moon Festival) in certain Asian cultures, and General Mills' brand Häagen-Dazs does sell mooncakes during that season. (See: "The story behind Häagen-Dazs mooncakes")

    (Disclaimer – I am not associated in any way with that company.)

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