He’d stashed fifty reds

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This sentence was said by blues musician Bob Hite. The interview was published in the Rolling Stone magazine, and Bob Hite was speaking of his colleague Alan Wilson who had recently died.

He said:

"One night he walked out of the Topanga Corral with a half pint of gin. He’d stashed fifty reds somewhere and he figured he’d do it that way. But someone’d stolen the reds. The next day he wrecked his van, but with not a scratch on himself".

I don't know what "stashed fifty reds" mean. It was 1970, so I assume he would be speaking of some kind of drug, but I'm not sure.

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    Spanish. Spain
    Thanks, Loob,

    The interviewee means that his colleague was planning to kill himself with an overdose of whatever it was, then.

    It looks so cold blooded to say such a thing of a friend.

    Oh well, it was a long time ago. Poor kid.


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    The following is based on my experience as an emergency room nurse in Los Angeles in the 1970s:

    "Reds" was street slang for the barbituate secobarbitol, also known as Seconol. The name derives from the color of the capsules. A "stash" was a hidden cache, usually of drugs, but not always.
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