he’d take this new income stream by the ball and squeeze

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I was in the living room with a dead man, and what if he reached out and grabbed me? Of course he wouldn’t do that, he liked me, but I remembered the look he got in his eyes when he said – only yesterday! when he’d been alive! – that if he was a younger man, he’d take this new income stream by the balls, and squeeze. And how he’d closed his hand into a fist to demonstrate.
source: If It Bleeds by Stephen King
context: When Craig got to Mr Harrigan, he found him dead. In this excerpt, he is going through the motion of being with a dead man. Mr Harrigan is a retired successful businessman in a remote rural town, where he opened a shop.

what does Mr Harrigan mean? not spend it?

thank you.
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    "To take something by the balls (testicles)" is to have extreme control or dominance over something. Squeezing just makes that even more extreme.
    If he were younger, he would have taken advantage of the new income stream and used it to the maximum.
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