he’s after the conversion of the century


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‘He knows my reputation and he clearly wants to take Good Cop/ Bad Cop to a brave new dimension! Or maybe he’s after the conversion of the century, and believe me, that would rival that of St Paul on the road to Damascus!’
Source: Crime on the Fens by Joy Ellis

Context: Superintendent Rick is has a volunteer, Detective Seargent Joseph Easter, to work with Detective Inspector Nikki. Nikki does not want him.

What does Nikki mean when she says ” he’s after the conversion of the century“? scoring a rememberable score (figuratively), right? Is this a reference to a conversion in Rugby sport?

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    Nothing to do with rugby! She’s talking about a religious conversion – hence the reference to the biblical story of Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. The man who has volunteered to work with her is nicknamed “Holy Joe”, which suggests that he’s religious, and she’s afraid he’s going to try to reform her (since she’s in trouble for the extreme methods she uses to catch criminals).
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