He’s all but persona non grata

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Most of them wouldn’t, even if Ed had asked. Ed’s all but persona non grata with them now, and I imagine they wish they’d never heard of Charlie Pickering.
Source: Insomnia by Stephen King
Context: In this passage, the narrator ponders how Ed managed to stack up a large amount of money to bail Charles Pickering and whether the other members have contributed. Charles was arrested for stabbing the narrator.

What does the bolded phrase mean? Would it mean Ed is not welcome amongst them? What is confusing me is the ‘all but’ before the negative latin phrase. It sounds like a double negative. But then the storyline does not seem to flow.

Glossary of parts:
all but: all except; very nearly
persona non grata: an unwelcome or unacceptable person.

Thank you.
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    The idiom is in our dictionary under definition of all:

    all but, almost;
    very nearly: These batteries are all but dead.
    Ed is very nearly not welcome. People have almost stopped speaking to him, but they haven't yet.
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