He already is that

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Phoebe: Okay, maybe we should let him get to Leo. Maybe a little overdose.
Piper: Or become unstoppable.
Phoebe: He already is that.
Source:The Bare Witch Project script -- www.charmedscripts.tv

I am a bit confused about the word order of the sentence "He already is that". I looked up the dictionary already | meaning of already in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE. It says Already comes after ‘be’ when it is the main verb:I was already tired. But we don’t say: I already was tired.()
So should we say "He is already that (that means unstoppable)?

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    I believe, though we may usually hear the word 'already' placed after the forms of 'to be' that
    the placement before is not incorrect and changes the emphasis a bit.
    The meaning of the sentence you have given doesn't change - just the sense
    that he is unstoppable but has been for some time - a little more emphasis on his continuing unstoppablity.
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