He always makes others laugh at him

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  1. laylachen912 New Member

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    Hi everyone,

    How do you say this sentence in French? "He always makes others laugh at him."

    Here's my translation:
    Il fait toujour rire de lui les autres.
    Is it correct?

    Je vous remercie!
  2. Etana Senior Member

    If he doesn't want to : Les autres rient toujours de lui.

    If he wants : Il fait toujours rire les autres de lui.
  3. Moon Palace

    Moon Palace Senior Member

    I am sorry, but I beg to disagree: whoever is laughing at him is obviously other people, so in French we won't mention 'les autres'.
    We'd simply say
    'il fait toujours rire de lui'.
  4. hirondelled'hiver

    hirondelled'hiver Senior Member

    On dit aussi: il fait rire les autres à ses dépens.

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