(...) he blew a rod through my motor

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Can someone help me understand the expression "he blew a rod through my motor"?
(Googling indicates that the correct verb here is "THROW" a rod.)


A woman talks about her abusive husband and why she left him.

She says:

He tried to run me over with a car -
he blew a rod through my motor -
and got me kicked out of my trailer, all on the same night.

"blew a rod":

Does it simply mean that the husband ruined her car by driving recklessly?

I've been reading about pistons, crankshafts and rods, so am I on to something here?
Is she talking about her car and how he wrecked it?

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    I can't know for sure if there might be some other explanation, but providing he was driving her car in such a way that it broke a piston rod that punched a hole in the engine block that could be way of putting it. That used to happen to the old VW Beetles merely through fatigue. So it could also happen when you ran an engine at too high revs for a while.
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