he catches his toe...

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    Dear friends
    What's meant by "he catches his toe..." in the following passage, chosen from "Manhattan Transfer" [1925] by Dos Passos:
    Time 1905
    Location: on board of a steamer just arriving into Manhattan. A mother asks her son to promise he will stay on the promenade deck so that she can finish packing. The boy promises.
    The problem is that I can't imagine the scene or the position of the smoking-room to understand what's meant by "he catches his toe..." Is he climbing something by catching his toe on the threshold?
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  2. owlman5

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    I assume that the brass threshold of that door is elevated above the rest of the floor, which would make it possible for this poor fellow to trip over it.
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    I imagine the doorway of the smoking-room has some kind of brass bar along it, about one toe in height, just enough for you to catch your toe on it (= hit your toe on it and thereby trip or stumble or suffer pain or yell "damned stupid place to put a brass bar!"). The threshold can be just the barrier, the imaginary line of crossing, or it can be a doorstep or any such physical structure at the base of the door.
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    I see the point now, thanks to your patient explanation.
    Thanks again dear Owlman5, dear Entangledbank. Most helpful like always.

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